Originally, as for the crawfish, there was the Japanese crawfish which inhabited Japan. American crawfish was brought in from the United States by a person. Japanese crawfish lives only in Hokkaido and North Tohoku.
・American crawfish

 The length is 8cm - approximately 12cm, and there is rarely the individual of a little less than 20cm size, too. The color of the body is red or brown of two colors. Because the color of the body is red, there is another name called "Makkatin", too. There is the individual which is blue or white for pigment variation. Among five pairs of legs, as for the first legs, big scissors are on. The particularly male scissors greatly develop. In addition, the second legs and the third legs have small scissors.
 They inhabit a lot in the environment of the slow mud bottom of the flow, Rice field, irrigation canal, pond and do not inhabit in the fast river of the flow. They dig holes on the damp ground and they go out and look for bait at night. They lie hidden and hibernate in holes in winter.


 The eating habit is omnivorous and eat alga, waterweed, small fish, tadpole, aquatic insects, anything including the corpse of the animals. Under breeding, a body is bluer when we give the food which does not include carotene for a long term. In this way, depending on deflection to the bait to eat or neighboring environment, a color of the body becomes blue and green, the bitter orange, but it is rare that we see such American crawfish in the natural world.
 Natural enemies are largemouth bass, Chinafish.

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