・Indian Fritillary

 Imagos are seen well in an imminent place including a grassy plain and a garden, vacant land and the roadside of the level ground. They stop at the area, but the imagos are seen from about April to about November four or five times in the meantime.

 ・Small Copper

  They are seen well at a sunny grassy plain in spring.  The imagos appear 3-5 times from spring to the autumn in a year, but they appear from April to June in early summer from spring.

 ・Cabbage butterfly

 The imagos are seen for a long period from about March to about October, and 4-5 times in a year.  The larvas eat plants such as cabbages, coles, broccolis.

 ・Common grass yellow

 The imagos have a summer model and an autumn model. The summer model is strong in the width of the external marginal black belt. The autumn model has black line remained on the tip a little, or it disappears.  The larvas eat leguminous plants such as silk trees and bush clovers.

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