・Common skimmer

 The origin of the name is; the whole body becomes black, and abdominal front comes to be covered with grayish white powder by the chest. Because this powder resembled salt, this name was acquired. They mainly inhabit the place having low altitude from the level ground and like the place that opened out. They live in a pond and a brook. And they live in the park even a city area in the artificial area. They winter in larvae, and the emergence is seen continually from spring to early fall.

 ・Miyama madder

 An imago is a medium-sized red dragonfly of 30-41mm in length.
 The imago emerges from about the middle of July and is seen until about November. They like the running water area which the depth of the water such as a brook or the irrigation canal is shallow, and they rarely are seen near a pond and a marsh. 

 ・Deep red dragonfly

 With a kind of south origin, they are distributed over Taiwan and China, Southeast Asia. In Japan, they were discovered for the first time in Kagoshima, but they gradually went north and were discovered in Kyushu and Shikoku. For the reason why a deep red dragonfly goes north in Japan, global warming is considered to be a cause.
 They are in medium-sized dragonflies seen on a lake and a marsh, damp ground. The length is approximately 4cm. The male imago is purple-red, and the female is orange.

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