Water lily

 Only one kind of the water lily grows wild in Japan.  It is called "Hithujigusa".   It is distributed over a pond and the marsh of the all over Japan widely.  It is said that there was the name by a white flower bloom in "Hitsuji-no-koku" in the afternoon.  "Suiren" is a name in Chinese of the water lily.
 They inhabit the ponds which water level is stable and it lengthens a long stem from an underground stem and floats a leaf and a flower on the surface of the water.  As for the leaf, a deep cut is in the part with an oval. There is no water repellency resisting the surface of the leaf.
   The pore is behind the leaf with many plants, but the water lily has the pore over the right side of the leaves.  They have flowers approximately 5-10cm.
 The general water lily crossbreeds some nature seeds in Japan, and a new kind is created.  The kind of various figures exists about the color of the flower, the color of the leaf.

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