The tortoise which was in Japan is a spotted turtle. The pond turtle is said to be a Japanese tortoise, but it is thought that it was imported artificially from the Korean Peninsula. Mississippi red-ear turtle was imported from the United States, and it was kept as a pet, and spread out in the whole country. But breeders threw them away and they spread in the whole country.

 ・Mississippi red-ear turtle

 The length of the shell is up to 28cm, and a female becomes larger. The color of the shell is dark green or light green. Furthermore, thin complicated yellow lines are on the shell. Large-scale dark color spots are on the shell every deck, and there is a individual which has long spots.
 They inhabit in the gentle river, lake, ponds and marshes of the flow like running water area and still water area. In addition, they like to perform "basking in the sun". In the winter season, they hibernate.
 They eat leaves, flowers, fruit, waterweed, alga, fish, frogs, plants, snakes, birds, insects, spiders, Crustacea, conchs, bivalves, earthworms, corpses of animals and other tortoises. When it is small, an animal food tendency is strong, but a plant food tendency becomes strong with growth.

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