The grasshopper is distributed over the tropical zone and extratropical grassy plain, the desert zone widely. They inhabit in a lot the dry environment.

 ・Show Ryo locust

 When it is time of the Bon according to the old calendar of August, they turn up. Because it resembled a Show Ryo ship of the send-off-spirits ceremony, this name was acquired.
 It inhabits the grassy plain where a low gramineous plant grew mainly in late autumn from the end of the rainy season. They adapt themselves to a park and a lawn, the riverbed of the urban area. They eat the leaves of the gramineous plants mainly. When an imago lays eggs in autumn, it dies in winter with eggs. The eggs hatch from May to June in the next year and the larva eats flowers of leaves and emerge from the beginning of June to the end of the rainy season. It inhabits until about November.

 ・Migratory locust

 They inhabit the grassy plain where there are many good gramineous plants. They live a lot in the place that height of plants are not so high. They eat gramineous herbs, but often eat the corpses of the insects. In addition, there is a lot of cannibalism, too.
 The migratory locust occurs 2 times a year. A male rubs hind legs and feathers together, but uses it for the courtship to a female.

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